Welcome to Astypalea

Astypalea affectionately known as the “Aegean Butterfly”. Some seek significance in its shape, all who visit marvel at the special beauty of its landscape. Unspoilt and peaceful, with Venetian elegance, treasures from the past and beaches straight out of your dreams, it is ideal for those looking for romance, tranquillity, relaxation and quality in their holidays. On Astypalea, you are invited to step across the cultural bridge which joins the Cyclades and the Dodecanese.

Most visitors fall in love at first sight with the proud “bride” on the rock, our gorgeous Hora. Some stay forever spellbound by the crystalline waters and others are seduced by the unique nature of the island. A summer holiday on Astypalea comes with the sunny smiles and hospitality of the locals, the culinary wonders of Mediterranean cuisine, top-class entertainment and plenty of time spent in the great Greek outdoors; on or under the waves or hiking through exquisite scenery.

Come and get to know Astypalea this summer and be enchanted by the colourful wings of the “Aegean Butterfly”. The island’s hospitality experts are at your disposal to help both in planning your trip and during your stay, dedicated to making your holiday an unforgettable experience.