The monasteries and chapels of Astypalea are more than 350.

The monasteries and chapels of Astypalea are more than 350.
The main church of the island and the metropolis are Panagia or Portaitissa under the castle.
The church of Megali Panagia is located in Chora. Its name comes from the fact that it was considered to be the largest church on the island, its main feature is its courtyard, with its black and white pebble floor dated in 1879.

There are two churches in the Querini Castle, Panagia Kastro and Agios Georgios. The oldest is St. George. Built in 1790, it is located on the edge of the Castle. It is a simple church, in the form of a basilica with a dome. It has a special wooden carved iconostasi and an episcopal throne. The Virgin of the Castle, built in the middle of the 18th century, is also a form of basilica with a dome. It has a wood-carved icon set with gold leaf. On the floor there is a sculpture showing a two-headed eagle. Next to the temple there is a small collection of old icons. The two churches are all white with blue domes, creating a great contrast.

On the way to Vathi is the church of Panagia Poulariani, the patron saint of the seamen. The rock forms the Virgin Mary, embracing the Divine Infant. According to tradition, in bad weather there is a light on the rocks.

Very well known is the Monastery of Panagia Flevariotissa. It is located in Chora and part of the church is built in a cave. Ruins in the yard show that there was an ancient centre of worship.

The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Makri is located on the south side of the island and is built in a landscape with a beautiful view. Below the chapel, there are gardens and springs with sparkling waters.

Other remarkable churches are Agios Nikolaos, Agios Ioannis, Agios Dimitrios, the chapel of Ascension – the oldest of the settlement of Maltezana – Agios Panteleimon, Agios Vasileios, Agios Eleftherios, the monastery of Agia Libyi, to the south of the island , Agios Georgios and Agios Konstantinos.